Delaware County Assault Lawyer

When charged with an assault in Delaware County, a Delaware County assault lawyer can provide you with the advice you need to defend your rights. There are different categories of assault in Pennsylvania, including both simple assault and aggravated assault. No matter what charges you are facing, your Delaware county criminal attorney can help you to understand the options available to you and can work hard to help you avoid conviction or reduce penalties.

How a Delaware County Assault Lawyer Can Help

When faced with assault charges, you have options. A defendant accused of assault could:

  • Claim self-defense or defense of others.  You are justified in using force to protect yourself or other third parties if you or someone else is threatened.
  • Argue a lack of intent. A prosecutor has to show you acted intentionally or recklessly in order for you to be convicted of assault.
  • Raise doubts about evidence. When you make the jury question the prosecutor’s case, you shouldn’t be convicted in a justice system that requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

delaware county assault lawyer- amato sanitaAn assault lawyer in Delaware County can carefully review the circumstances of your criminal case to help you decide what kinds of arguments to make in court to try to avoid being convicted. Your attorney can also explore opportunities to help you avoid a criminal record through deferred sentencing; or can negotiate a plea agreement with a prosecutor in which guilt is admitted in exchange for a lighter sentence or reduced charges.

Making the right choice for how to respond to charges is complicated because you need to weigh the possible penalties, the strength of your case, and the strength of the prosecutor’s case. Let a Delaware County assault attorney with experience help you understand your options so you can make the choices that are right for you.

Assault Crimes in Delaware County

A list of different assault offenses is found in Title 18 Chapter 27 of the Pennsylvania Code.  Different categories of assault include:

  • Simple Assault:This offense is defined as intentionally or recklessly causing, or trying to cause, bodily injury.  A defendant may also be accused of simple assault for negligently injuring someone through the use of a weapon; causing an imminent fear of harm through threats or physical menace; or stabbing certain public service workers with a hypodermic needle in the process of being arrested or searched. (Pennsylvania Code Section 2701)
  • Aggravated Assault: This defense is defined to include causing serious bodily injury that demonstrates “extreme indifference” to the value of human life.  An offense that would otherwise be a simple assault can also be elevated to the level of aggravated assault if the alleged victim is a school official, police officer, public transit worker, or other individual given special protections.  (Code Section 2702)

Penalties are much more serious for aggravated assault. While simple assault is normally a second degree misdemeanor with the potential for up to two years imprisonment, aggravated assault can be charged as a first or second degree felony. Even a second degree felony carries a possible penalty of a decade in prison.  Because of the grave consequences that can come with being found guilty, you owe it to yourself to get legal advice from an experienced Delaware County assault lawyer.

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