Delaware County Prostitution Lawyer

A Delaware County prostitution lawyer can provide you with the legal advice you need to respond to an accusation of prostitution. There are many rules in Pennsylvania prohibiting any attempt to engage in sex or related acts in exchange for items of value, but there are also many ways to defend yourself from charges to try and avoid conviction. A Delaware County criminal attorney will help you understand the laws that apply to your case and will assist in crafting a smart and strategic response to your criminal charges.

Benefits of Hiring a Delaware County Prostitution Lawyer

To secure a conviction for prostitution, a prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant engaged in, or attempted to engage in, sexual acts for money. There are many ways to defend against these accusations, including making the argument that there was no intention of engaging in prohibited behavior. Simply serving as an escort or as a date-for-hire is not a crime unless the prosecutor can prove that the purpose of the interaction was to be hired for a sexual act.

A Delaware County prostitution lawyer can help you to evaluate the evidence against you and decide on what responses are going to give you the best chance of avoiding conviction and minimizing penalties. Whether this involves pleading not guilty, looking into deferred sentencing to avoid a record, or negotiating a plea deal, your lawyer will be there to advocate for you every step of the way.

Your attorney can present evidence in court on your behalf; investigate the evidence to determine if entrapment occurred or your rights were violated; or talk to the prosecutor to try to cut a deal. The goal in every situation is to resolve your charges quickly and with the best outcome possible under the circumstances.

Prostitution Crimes in Delaware County

A defendant may be charged with prostitution for exchanging sex or related acts for items of value, or for trying to obtain items of value to perform sex acts. Pennsylvania law has also made it a crime to live in a house where a prostitution business is operated; to loiter for purposes of prostitution; to promote prostitution; or to patronize prostitutes.

Prostitution is typically a misdemeanor crime, however penalties become more serious for repeat convictions.  A first offense is generally a third degree misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of a year in jail while a second offense could lead to two years imprisonment and a third offense could result in a maximum of seven years’ incarceration. A defendant who engages in prostitution with knowledge of an HIV or AIDs infection can be charged with a felony. More serious penalties are also imposed for promoting prostitution or owning a house of prostitution meaning if accused it is imperative you contact a Delaware County prostitution lawyer as soon as possible.

Contact a Delaware County Prostitution Lawyer Today

Prostitution is often called a victim-less crime because no one is hurt. Unfortunately, a conviction for this offense can harm future job prospects, can cost you money, and can take your freedom. You deserve a strong defense and knowledgeable legal advice when charged with prostitution. Call an attorney today to defend your accusation involving a Delaware County sex act.