Delaware County Student Defense Lawyer

Delaware County is home to a surprising number of colleges, universities, and other academic institutions. Each seat of learning has its own rules and procedures for identifying and punishing perceived misconduct among students.

When a student is accused of violating school policies, the results can have long-lasting effects and may lead to criminal charges as well. In these cases, it is a good idea to consult a Delaware County student defense lawyer for assistance. Whether a situation involves criminal violations, school code issues, or a combination of both, a knowledgeable defense lawyer familiar with the unique aspects of student defense cases could help protect the student’s rights and work toward a positive outcome in the case.

Factors That Make Student Defense Different

For several reasons, it is a good idea to consult an attorney familiar with student defense issues. When an allegation is brought up in a school setting, a student may have to answer to a school disciplinary body and may also face charges in criminal court. That student could be further subjected to a civil lawsuit. Procedures and the burden of proof differ in each setting.

School Disciplinary Proceedings

In a school tribunal, students often will not have the opportunity to confront the person accusing them of wrongdoing, and they may be limited in the evidence they can present in their defense. Although schools may not allow an attorney to speak on behalf of a student at a disciplinary hearing, a Delaware County student defense lawyer could devise a defense strategy, help a student prepare responses to anticipated questions, and work to locate evidence to refute the allegations.

Consequences for Students

Some people believe that it is not necessary to take student defense seriously if the consequences do not involve a term of incarceration. However, allegations of wrongdoing on a student’s record can interfere with future opportunities for years to come. Students may lose access to housing, scholarships, internships, and job opportunities. If the allegations involve criminal charges, those charges will be visible to anyone who conducts a simple online search. A Delaware County student defense lawyer could assist with seeking expungement or other actions to minimize the harmful long term effects.

Common Student Defense Situations

Although students may be accused of many different types of misconduct, skilled defense lawyers in Delaware County see certain types of situations frequently. Some of these involve:

Schools often have different policies and procedures for handling various types of offenses. It is important to understand the rules that will apply in a particular situation. Students also need to realize that even if the police do not charge them with a crime right away, they might in the future, particularly if evidence comes to light as a result of a school inquiry.

Consult a Delaware County Student Defense Attorney

Although accused students have certain rights, they may forfeit those rights if they do not understand the steps to take to maintain them. Advice from a student defense lawyer could help students protect their legal rights and avoid taking actions or making statements that could incriminate them later. For that reason, it is wise to consult a Delaware County student defense lawyer as soon as possible after allegations arise.

Students in Delaware County should be looking forward to the future with anticipation rather than dread. If you or a family member are facing a situation where a student defense lawyer could help, call now for a free consultation to get started working toward a positive outcome.