Violating a court order to appear in court in a criminal proceeding can have extremely harsh consequences. When you fail to appear in court as ordered, you are likely to end up with an arrest warrant, and that warrant will not disappear until you have taken the steps necessary to deal with it. A Delaware County failure to appear lawyer may be able to assist you in minimizing the ramifications of this situation if you have failed to appear in court as ordered.

In many cases, a warrant for failure to appear leaves you no choice but to turn yourself into law enforcement authorities or risk a public arrest. Enlisting the help of a tenacious criminal defense lawyer, however, may provide you with additional alternatives to resolve your failure to appear warrant. Getting legal advice as quickly as possible in this situation can be crucial to a positive resolution in your case.

Bench Warrants in Delaware County for Failure to Appear

Whether individuals missed court due to an emergency, an error on their calendars, or confusion about the date, they still will be subject to a bench warrant if they fail to appear in court as ordered. Once the court issues a bench warrant, all law enforcement officers in the state can see that individuals have an outstanding warrant. As a result, individuals will be subject to arrest at any time, even during a routine traffic stop.

Once law enforcement officers have arrested individuals with outstanding bench warrants, they can remain in jail for up to 72 hours before seeing a judge. This length of time spent in jail can be enough to lose your job, destroy relationships, and even endanger your living situation. In this situation, individuals will not appear in court and have a chance to explain their actions for up to three days.

If individuals with bench warrants immediately enlist the help of a failure to appear lawyer in Delaware County, they have a much better chance of resolving the warrants positively, perhaps without having to go to jail first. While there are no guarantees, having legal counsel makes it far more likely that persons can settle a bench warrant for failure to appear, especially if they have legitimate reasons for missing their court dates.

Resolve Bench Warrants Quickly

Too many people believe that if they ignore a bench warrant for failure to appear in court long enough, it eventually will go away. Unfortunately, bench warrants do not go away and the ramifications of appearing in court after an arrest years after the fact will not make the situation any better. For individuals who have a valid excuse for missing court, the key to a favorable resolution of a bench warrant may be to contact an experienced attorney in Delaware County right away.

By taking prompt action to address the matter, individuals may have a better chance of avoiding jail and other unwanted consequences. Plus, even if individuals do have to go to jail for a day or two, there no longer will be a bench warrant haunting them as they go about their lives every day. Rather than avoiding leaving the house or going to work out of fear of arrest, individuals can move past the incident and work toward a better future by taking a proactive approach to the problem.

Talk to a Delaware County Failure to Appear Attorney for Advice

The knowledge that you have an outstanding bench warrant for failure to appear in court can be a highly stressful and overwhelming experience. You may be hesitant to start a new job or go anywhere with your children out of fear of being arrested. Avoid these stressful and tiring moments by taking steps to lift this weight off your shoulders with the assistance of a Delaware County failure to appear lawyer.

Everyone makes mistakes, has lapses in judgment or forgets appointments. Court dates are no different, but they have far more significant consequences than forgetting to attend a doctor appointment. Avoid the potentially adverse effects of a bench warrant for failure to appear in court as ordered by contacting legal counsel for help today.