Delaware County Gun Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a weapons crime, call a Delaware County gun lawyer to help you. Pennsylvania state laws have imposed many limitations on a person’s Second Amendment right to bear arms. If you are accused of not following the rules when it comes to gun ownership or use, you can face very serious penalties despite the Constitutional protections on gun ownership.  A gun lawyer in Delaware County will fight hard to help you avoid conviction if you’re been charged with a crime.

An Experienced Delaware County Lawyer Can Help

There are many defenses to gun charges including:

  • Justified use of the weapon for self-defense or defense of others
  • Legal authorization for carrying or owning the weapon
  • Insufficient proof that gun laws were violated (the burden to prove the criminal case is on the prosecutor)
  • Mistaken identity or mistake of facts

If the weapon was found in a search that violates your Fourth Amendment rights, you can also avoid conviction in many cases because the evidence cannot be used against you. A Delaware County Gun lawyer can carefully review the circumstances of the events leading up to the search, as well as police actions during the search, to help determine if the Constitution was violated.

With the help of a gun lawyer in Delaware County, you may be able to convince a court to find you not guilty. You may also be able to plead to a lesser offense. A felony conviction could lead to the future loss of your right to bear arms, so getting a good plea deal is imperative if you don’t want to defend yourself at trial.

Gun Laws in Delaware County

Gun crimes can be broadly divided into three categories: the improper sale or transfer of a weapon; the improper ownership or carrying of a weapon; and the improper use of a weapon.

A defendant can be charged with a gun offense for selling a gun to someone who can’t have one, buying a gun for someone who can’t pass a background check, or owning a gun despite a prohibition against ownership.  A defendant can also be charged with a gun crime for discharging a weapon when he was not permitted to do so, or for carrying a weapon without the proper permits and permissions.

The penalties for gun crimes vary depending upon the specifics of the situation. Pennsylvania Code Title 18 Chapter 61 is called the Uniform Firearms Act and it establishes many of the rules applicable in Pennsylvania for gun owners.  An attorney can help determine the nature of the specific offense that you have been charged with, and can help you respond proactively to defend yourself against the charges.

Getting Help from a Delaware County Gun Lawyer

After an arrest for a gun crime, you must make many choices about how to handle the charges. You need to decide how to plead, what arguments to make, and what defenses you can raise.

A Delaware County gun lawyer is going to work very hard to give you the advice and guidance you need as you make these choices. Your attorney can deal with the prosecutor or argue on your behalf in court and will fight to protect your rights when it comes to weapons offenses. Call an attorney today to learn more and protect your rights.