Building a Defense in Bucks County

Having the right Bucks County criminal attorney on your side could lead to positive results, and not seeking out the assistance of an attorney right away often leads to evidence that otherwise should have been excluded being admitted into a case. Therefore, it is helpful for individuals to seek out the assistance of an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

In doing so, an individual could aid the attorney in preparing a defense, obtaining witnesses, obtaining videotapes and more. All of those notions could be explored, and all defenses could be researched in an effort to achieve a positive outcome in the case.

Conducting An Investigation

After a person has sought out and retained the assistance of an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney, a thorough investigation of their matter could take place involving both the attorney and the accused.

After that investigation, an attorney in Bucks County could advise an individual of what steps to take in their defense.

What Goes Into a Defense Investigation?

Bucks County attorneys use a variety of different methods when conducting investigations, including hiring experts, physicians, and investigators in seeking out specific medical records and/or Department of Human Services records.

Criminal lawyers also use technical experts and technicians to decide when a person’s cellphone, for instance, was used and specifically where it was used in the defense of a crime. Therefore, if a person was accused of a crime in a particular area of Bucks County and they sought legal aid, investigators could obtain phone records which would indicate a person’s geographical position.

Resources and investigations are at the forefront of any defense. By seeking out the assistance of an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney, an individual could feel that their rights are being protected and all chances of a possible acquittal are given the highest probability.

How Defending Cases in Bucks County are Unique

Bucks County takes certain crimes very seriously, such as nuisance crimes involving narcotics, prostitution, and any other crimes that affect the quality of life for its individuals.

Additionally, Bucks County is different in that most cases begin at the district court level. At this level, a felony or misdemeanor matter occurs before a district court judge before it goes to the county seat of Doylestown. In that capacity, a district court judge needs to listen to the evidence and decide whether there was enough evidence to send the case in for trial. The evidence does not have to be met yet beyond the reasonable doubt but it has to be met to a certain degree of certainty that a district court feels comfortable having the matter heard in the Court of Common Pleas in Doylestown.

All bail hearings in Doylestown are heard primarily at the district court level. Therefore, Bucks County will have the initial arraignment, the bail hearing, and the preliminary hearing at the local magisterial justice level. Only after that does the matter go before a Court of Common Pleas judge. This is very different than some of the other counties in Pennsylvania. A Bucks County criminal defense attorney who understands the rules of individual courts could aid in building a defense of any crimes charged.

Making a mistake by using another county’s procedures or by not filing certain motions and/or legal paperwork is at the forefront of mistakes made by individuals not versed in the Bucks County criminal defense law.

Knowing each individual district court, knowing the judges, knowing the staff, and knowing the prosecutors is essential. That is what makes Bucks County unique in some ways and what makes Bucks County a somewhat more difficult court to operate in. It is also for this reason that it is helpful to have an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney to handle all matters in the most expeditious and positive manner possible.

Benefits of An Experienced Attorney

At all levels, an attorney who has experience with similar cases and in Bucks County courts could make the case proceed more smoothly and help protect your rights. It is an attorney’s job to protect the accused and stand by their side. Having that from the beginning could make what otherwise would be an overwhelming process bearable.

Having experience on your side and knowing the right people could help a person accused of a crime. In Bucks County, like the rest of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, knowing the court, knowing the rules, and making sure they are implemented the right way could be the best way to protect your rights.