Prosecutors in Bucks County Criminal Cases

Prosecutors in Bucks County, like prosecutors elsewhere in Pennsylvania, have the burden of proving guilt in a criminal case. Although they may have the higher burden in a case, they also have incredible resources at their disposal. From easy access to police records and investigation to a symbiotic relationship with local law enforcement agencies. Despite their resources, a Bucks County criminal defense lawyer will still be able to help someone create a tough defense against the prosecution. Call today for more information and schedule a consultation.

What Prosecution Needs to Prove in Court

The prosecution must prove in court that beyond a reasonable doubt an individual charged a crime is in fact the individual who committed such a crime. Additionally the prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime according to the elements set forth under the Pennsylvania Crimes Codes has been met and that the individual is in fact guilty of committing a crime.

The prosecution has the burden to put together the elements and show the elements of such crimes against the individual. Similar to building a house, the prosecution must build a solid case brick by brick; only then can an individual can be convicted of a crime.

How Prosecution Proves Its Case

The prosecution uses many methods to attempt to prove their case against an individual beyond a reasonable doubt. Additionally, the prosecution has many resources on their side. They can use the police, detectives, private investigators, special investigators and almost unlimited resources when it comes to fighting a crime. The prosecution has the case put together for them by a particular police department and it is then the prosecutor’s job to present the case. The prosecutor has means that most individuals simply cannot afford and cannot have.

Having an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney on your side can help even the score. An experienced attorney has their own resources, their own investigators and can challenge the commonwealth’s evidence at all levels thereby going toe to toe with the police, the commonwealth investigators and any other individual that the commonwealth attempts to use against the accused at the time of the trial. With the assistance of an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney and their many resources on your side, not only is the playing field leveled, it can also be tilted in favor of the defendant.

Evidence Presented

The prosecution presents both physical and circumstantial evidence in order to prove an individual or attempt to prove an individual guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Hard evidence or physical evidence is obtained through the use of police officers, special detectives, special enforcement units and any other governmental body that was involved in procuring such evidence. Evidence can be anything that was recovered from an individual charged with a crime to anything that may have been recovered or found out in the house, car, and place of business, anything which connects the individual to the crime that the individual is being targeted for.

Circumstantial evidence is also used by the government to show that the individual may or may not have committed the crime. Evidence involving circumstances – whether or not he individual actually committed the crime is one factor. Circumstantially a person can be established to have been involved in a crime through evidence which is not necessarily hard evidence but when all pieced together with the physical evidence often can lead to a conviction.

Role of Bucks County Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is the job of an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney to first challenge all circumstantial evidence while at the same time challenging any hard evidence and/or introducing any evidence of their own that might procure their client an acquittal. It is essential to have the right lawyer by your side working to weaken the prosecution’s evidence.

It is the defense’s job to try to remove certain bricks and make their case not as strong as they often perceive it to be. A defense attorney must attack the commonwealth’s evidence at all levels, attack the procedures followed during which they have changed such evidence, and to put forward evidence of their own in order to protect their clients.

While the prosecution has the burden to prove the defense has the need to attack such proofs. As a result it is essential to have an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney on your side at all times only then can you be sure that every possible defense, every possible break in the commonwealth’s case has been attacked and challenged. Hopefully, at the final stage of the case the house that the commonwealth felt was so strongly built no longer stands, leading to acquittals for the defendants.