Bucks County Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

Disorderly conduct is a common offense in Bucks County. There are many situations in which a person could be charged with disorderly conduct. The most common includes causing a public disturbance. If you have been charged with disorderly conduct, it is best to seek help from a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

A Bucks County disorderly conduct lawyer could help protect your rights and help you build a defense against the charges. A tenacious criminal defense lawyer could answer your questions about the legal proceedings and advocate on your behalf through each step of the process. By knowing and understanding what you are facing, you may be able to make better decisions about your case.

Disorderly Conduct Charges in Bucks County

Under 18 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 5503, disorderly encompasses a wide range of intentional forms of conduct designed to create public inconvenience, alarm, and annoyance. Behaviors that recklessly create a risk of these results also constitute disorderly conduct. The specific actions that can qualify as disorderly conduct include the following:

  • Engaging in fighting, threatening, or violent behavior
  • Making unreasonable amounts of noise
  • Using obscene language or gestures
  • Creating a hazardous or physically offensive condition for no legitimate purpose

The actions in question also must occur in public to violate the statute, which includes any place to which a substantial number of people have access. Public places include highways, public transportation areas, neighborhoods, apartment buildings, schools, stores, parks, and more. A seasoned disorderly conduct lawyer in Bucks County may be able to evaluate criminal charges and determine whether the actions at issue rise to the level of disorderly conduct.

Many of the behaviors described in this statute are vague, which can lead to many different types of conduct potentially constituting disorderly conduct. What might constitute disorderly conduct to one reasonable person may not always be disorderly conduct to another. As a result, there may be some deviations in what situations lead to disorderly conduct charges and what circumstances do not.

Potential Sanctions for Disorderly Conduct

Under state law, disorderly conduct is either a summary offense or a third-degree misdemeanor offense. A summary offense carries the potential for a maximum 90 days in jail, assessment of a $300 fine, and court costs. Conviction on a criminal record also creates a criminal record that will remain in place for five years.

A disorderly conduct charge would increase to a misdemeanor offense of the third degree if the accused individuals intended to cause substantial harm or serious inconvenience through their actions. The charge also is a third-degree misdemeanor if individuals continue with their actions after reasonable warnings to stop. A conviction for a third-degree misdemeanor can result in up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine.

A conviction for a misdemeanor in the third degree also creates a permanent criminal record that may cause an obstacle to getting employment, housing, and more. Since the criminal record is permanent, it can cause problems for people for years into the future. By getting the advice of a diligent disorderly conduct attorney in Bucks County, individuals may be able to avoid or minimize their chances of a conviction.

Allow a Bucks County Disorderly Conduct Attorney to Help

When you are facing any criminal charges, you are likely to need the counsel and guidance of someone who can accompany you at every stage of your case. Having someone to respond to your concerns and give you the information that you need can be crucial to reaching a favorable outcome in your case. A Bucks County disorderly conduct lawyer could help you fight the charges.

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