Our Approach to Bucks County Criminal Cases

Every case in Bucks County is different from the next. There are many circumstances and factors that can influence the outcome and penalties of a criminal case. When hiring a Bucks County criminal defense lawyer for your representation, it is important to consider how he or she approaches crafting a defense for a client. It is absolutely crucial that someone take all factors into consideration before they make a final decision on representation.

Guiding Principles to Approach

For Bucks County criminal defense cases, some principles that are taken in to account when deciding whether or a case will precede to trial or just measuring the seriousness of a case can be easily determined by where the case is originally filed. If the case is filed in the magisterial district courts by complaint, then most matters can be evaluated at that level. If the case is filed by grand jury, then the magisterial district level or preliminary hearing doesn’t take place.

The matter then goes directly to a Court of Common Pleas trial room with little or no information. It’s under both circumstances where the accused needs to reach out to an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney. Without the aid of an individual who has the ability, resources, and know-how to get a case moved through the system in a successful way, an individual would be stuck in the middle.

Having the right attorney on your side makes all the difference. Having our office on your side means having two decades of experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorneys defending you and protecting your rights. Without that, an individual can often miss out on proper defenses and often miss out on the right resolution for their criminal charges.

Common Mistakes When Choosing a Bucks County Defense Lawyer

When individuals are seeking an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney, some common mistakes include going with the attorney that charges the lowest price or going with the attorney that another non-criminal attorney recommended. In the end, choosing a defense lawyer means finding someone that you get along with and work well with.

Bucks County is a very complex and unique county in Pennsylvania. Therefore, experienced criminal defense attorneys in that county have the ability, contacts and resources to get a matter resolved in a beneficial way for their client. Sometimes this occurs in such an expeditious way that public humiliation harm or any embarrassment is avoided completely. Therefore, some of the things to watch out for involve going with the attorney who just wants to bring you in to the office and talk about the fees instead of your case or your personal interest.

Putting Too Much Emphasis on Price

The Bucks County defense lawyers that often charge the cheapest prices are the attorneys who don’t have the experience or resources to do the job correctly. Don’t be fooled by an individual merely because the price sounds too good to be true. In most cases, if the price is too good to be true, the client suffers the ramifications.

In too many cases, our office is sought out after an individual has sought the services of a less experienced attorney due to economic reasons. However, the damage has already been done and the cost to repair that damage tripled the cost of what the client would have spent if the individual came to our office in the first place. Don’t be fooled by price. Do your due diligence. Use your personal resources. Use the internet. Review individuals. Only then can you get a good understanding of whom you should hire. Ask yourself, “who do I feel most comfortable with my life in their hands?”

In most cases, our office is chosen by many clients because of the sole reason that they know we have their interest first and foremost. We will be there for them to guide them with the knowledge and resources to ensure their matter is handled properly.

Intake Process

Once an individual hires our office for a Bucks County criminal case, some of the initial questions that are reviewed with the client involve the similarity to the charges and the circumstances that the client is being targeted for.

For instance, if the matter involves a charge of tax fraud, a conversation involving finances, backgrounds or things of that nature, and the attorney-client privilege attaches, that sort of conversation can take place.

In an initial consultation prior to an attorney being hired to represent an individual, attorney and client privilege does not exist. As a result, certain statements are not privileged. For this reason, before you let an attorney know every factor that you feel is important in your case, make sure you feel that that attorney will be your attorney. The worst thing that a client can do is seek out opinions prior to hiring any attorney for multiple sources admitting to charges to multiple sources. At some point, only one individual or multiple will be that client’s attorney. It’s important that the right attorney is chosen.

Most Frequent Questions During the Intake Process

Two questions that I am frequently asked by potential clients in Bucks County are, “What can you do to make these charges go away? And what can you do to protect my livelihood or my job?”

An investigation can be started by experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorneys to look in to the reason why a person is being targeted and why someone was arrested.

There’s no waiting until the trial stage. A matter could easily be resolved in a very quick and economical fashion. Secondly, how can a person keep their job from knowing about these charges? Well, the answer is the same. The quicker the matter moves through the system and is resolved through an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney, the least likely it is for individuals outside of a person’s family to find out about the charges.

In most cases, by the time the public becomes aware of what’s going on, charges can be reduced, modified or changed to prevent the individual from facing any humiliation and any loss of livelihood.