Contacting A Criminal Lawyer in Bucks County

If you have been implicated in a criminal matter or believe you may be under investigation, consult with a Bucks County criminal defense lawyer today to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Below, an experienced lawyer discusses whether contacting a lawyer can be used as a sign of guilt and when you will have an opportunity to consult with an attorney. To learn more call and schedule a consultation today.

Does Asking To Speak With An Attorney Imply Guilt?

In Bucks County, like the rest of the Commonwealth, if you indicate to a police officer that you wish to speak to them or choose not to speak to them, no inference of guilt can be made from such a request. For example, if the police are investigating a matter and come to you and wish to speak to you about it, you have a constitutionally protected right to say, “no officer, before I speak to you, I wish to consult with an attorney.” No inference can be made whatsoever from the fact that the person chose not to speak to police or to what is known as “lawyer up.”

However, if a person reaches out to police and says, “I have information, and I wish to help with your investigation,” then the individual should seek out the services of an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney. It’s only in that way that an individual can get full credit for their cooperation with police and a district court or trial judge can be told this individual came to police and offered information they wouldn’t otherwise had. In a lot of ways, this scenario can benefit an individual, even potentially to the point of no charges ever being placed against that individual.

In either case, the most important thing is to seek out the services of an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney, so that if you speak to police you can exercise your constitutional right to have an attorney present. All the right moves can be made to help the case move on through the system in a way that creates a positive result for the accused.

When You Have The Right To Seek Counsel

In Bucks County, like the rest of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you have the right to speak to an attorney at any time you feel you’re being investigated. With that said, the police can make it sound as if they’re not investigating an accused, that they are just seeking general information, and that the accused doesn’t need an attorney. However, even before an accused is arrested, it’s essential that they have the advice or representation of an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney who can find out what the case is all about. If you do not have an attorney then you are taking a risk that could come back to hurt you if you eventually are charged.

Information is at the heart of every investigation and information is at the heart of whether an individual can benefit in any way by speaking to police. The only way to get information is to seek out the services of a person who has the most experience in gathering information and that is an experienced criminal defense attorney with ties to Bucks County, local police, and local townships. The investigation of the accused can be done in ways to protect both the accused’s constitutional rights and protect the outcome of the case.

Why Is It Important to Seek Legal Counsel Before I’m Even Charged?

In Bucks County, crime is dealt with in a very harsh manner. When law enforcement reaches out to individuals, individuals are already the subject of an investigation, which has most likely been underway for more than a year. Under these circumstances, it’s essential that you reach out to an experienced law enforcement criminal defense attorney. Only then can you ensure that your rights are protected and any information you provide the police is dealt with in a constitutional fashion.

For instance, if the police are seeking information and an individual without the aid of an attorney voluntarily turns that information over, the information later may or may not be used against the individual. However, the chances of the matter going forward in to criminal proceedings are raised when an individual gives information that an attorney would otherwise not allow them to give.

When contacted by public officials, law enforcement, the District Attorney’s Office, or any federal agency in regards to a matter occurring in Bucks County, it is important that an experienced