Finding Your Bucks County Criminal Lawyer

Before someone can move forward with their criminal case, they must go through the process of researching and hiring a defense attorney they believe is well-suited for their particular case. Of the many aspects to consider before choosing an attorney, there are certain factors that are extra important. Hiring a Bucks County criminal defense lawyer means you will be given time that you likely won’t get when working with a public defender.

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Important Considerations When Choosing an Attorney

Some of the most important aspects in choosing a Bucks County criminal defense attorney involve the specific attorney’s knowledge of Bucks County and its individual townships.

Our firm has been representing individuals in Bucks County for over two decades. These years of experience gives us a refined understanding of the local court systems and prosecutors. We have five lawyers dedicated to defending individuals’ rights on a daily basis in Bucks County and making sure that every client’s interest is put ahead of even the most zealous police investigations. At our firm, the attorneys work long hours, are available 24 hours a day, and have the connections and the know-how to guide an individual through the specific courts of Bucks County. From the magisterial district level to the Court of Common Pleas level and even the appellate level, tenacious attorneys are always asking the question, “Should the matter get that far?”

Even in pre-arrest situations, our attorneys have the ability to reach out to contacts within the system and ensure that our individuals are treated in the most fair and reasonable fashion. Bail issues can always be addressed or individuals can sign their own bonds without posting bail.

Your attorney can contact detectives and police to discuss matters and even resolve matters before they result in an official arrest. Therefore, having an experienced Bucks County criminal lawyer working for your defense will provide you with access to relationships that may benefit your case.

Working With a Private Law Firm v. Public Defenders

While most public defenders in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania have the right heart and the ability to handle complex criminal matters, it’s the resources that are sometimes lacking. This is the difference between having a public defender that’s really trying hard to help with you with lacks the ability to do so because of resources and having your own private attorney who has the resources and the know-how needed to protect you.

Private lawyers, especially experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorneys, have the ability to focus solely on your case for a period of time. Unlike public defenders who often have multiple cases on their plate at all times, private defense attorneys will be able to dedicate their focus to your particular case. If the case can be resolved in an amicable fashion quickly, a person often doesn’t even have to face criminal charges being filed against them. Unfortunately, when a public defender gets involved in a case, it’s after an individual has already been charged with the crime. If you get an experienced Bucks County criminal defense lawyer at the outset, there’s a chance that the case can be dismissed, withdrawn or altered in any way prior to arrest. It’s that personal attention, the unlimited resources, the ability to move on a case from the very beginning that makes an experienced Bucks County private defense attorney stands out.

Advantages of Hiring a Private Criminal Defense Attorney

A private Bucks County criminal defense attorney brings a number of advantages to a case. For instance, a private attorney has a more focused and limited caseload allowing specific cases to be dealt with immediately. There is no wait time. There is no ability to have to postpone one case for another. A private attorney’s sole focus can be on an individual charge, which helps to expedite the matter through the system. A private attorney can also help with any issues that can arise post-arrest. Therefore, it’s important to seek out the services of an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney, even just so the individual receives immediate attention, has unlimited resources and has that personal attention to get to the bottom of things immediately. In a lot of ways, this prevents any unnecessary humiliation or embarrassment, as well as person’s livelihood, by expediting a criminal investigation and clearing their client.

Attorney-Client Relationship

Our office considers the bond between attorney and client extremely important.

Both parties must feel comfortable with each other. Attorneys are counselors of law that are retained by clients to counsel them through difficult matters. What matter could be more difficult than a criminal defense investigation against the person in the county of Bucks?

It is important to have the right person, who you feel confident with and who has the know-how, experience, and resources to defend you and your rights.

It’s only then can you sleep at night knowing that your attorney is working just as hard on your case as you are. The Bucks County criminal lawyer you ultimately retain has an interest in getting the best results for you and is working hard to seek out the best resolution in Bucks County. Every township is different. Every court has its own rules. Knowing the rules, knowing the courts and our relationships with our clients makes us stand out.

Our number one factor in deciding on whether or not to take the case is our evaluation of our relationship with our client. Hundreds of cases can come in to this office on even a monthly basis. There are only a few cases where we feel comfortable with representing individuals who truly have an interest in defending themselves with the best lawyers around. That’s why we’re here and that’s what we can do for an individual.