Speaking With a Bucks County Criminal Lawyer

Once someone has been charged with a crime, their most important next step is to speak with a Bucks County criminal defense lawyer. An experienced defense attorney will be able to provide insightful answers to the many questions that person may have, as well as providing further information regarding aspects the person has yet to even consider.

What to Ask a Bucks County Criminal Lawyer

Once an individual is contacted by the police or other government officials, it’s essential that that individual seek out the services of an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney. The type of information sought by the attorney would be all the information that an individual who might be the target of an investigation may know.

For instance, an attorney can contact the appropriate authorities on behalf of an individual and find out exactly what the focus of the investigation out is on and why their particular client is being contacted. They could also sign a non-waiver rights form with their client, which does not let their client give a statement to any law enforcement agency in Bucks County or federal agency, whatsoever, unless the attorney is present and unless the attorney and the client decide to waive such constitutional privileges.

With those assurances, an individual who’s the target of a Bucks County criminal investigation can rightfully so protect him or her from making any statements that could incriminate themselves. It could likely turn into an arrest.

Documents to Bring

When contacting an attorney for the first time, an individual seeking an attorney should have the name and number of the authority that’s trying to reach out and speak to them. For instance, if a local detective calls an individual, that individual should get the detective’s name, badge number, police district or area in which he or she is assigned and phone number. An experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney can contact the detective on behalf of the client and go right to the source.

This saves time and limits the costs of an extensive investigation by an attorney in determining exactly who’s trying to contact their client. Bucks County is made up of many different townships. Those many different townships can have independent investigations. Ann attorney would have the information or the ability to determine why his client is being contacted by inquiring directly with every township.

You should obtain as much information as possible regarding the investigator, including phone numbers or names. If a person has already been charged with a crime in Bucks County, it is helpful to have the docket number, district court number or the paperwork obtained by the district court present when you call an attorney. ​

Secondly, any paperwork provided to the individual, whether it is a district court summons for arrest, a search warrant or even a letter from authorities seeking certain information.

If the individual seeking an attorney has those documents readily available, an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney will have a much easier time in obtaining the support and documents needed to defend their client. Given certain knowledge, an attorney can take the information that exists on your docket paperwork and do a thorough search so that a fair price can be negotiated for your defense. Additionally, this ensures that the most accurate court dates can be established in order to defend the matter.