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If you have been accused of a prostitution or solicitation in Pennsylvania, you have the right to seek competent legal representation. An experienced Bucks County prostitution lawyer understands the level of discretion needed in cases involving prostitution, or paying for a sexual encounter. We strive to get charges held against you dropped or reduced, and protect your reputation as much as possible. We believe that accusations do not imply guilt. Find out how a knowledgeable defense attorney in Bucks County can help.prostitution lawyer in bucks county

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There are a number of reasons to work with an experienced Prostitution attorney. It’s important to secure a legal advocate who can represent your interests and protect your rights in and out of court.  Because we have experience representing clients in prostitution-related cases, our lawyers understand what it takes to mount a successful defense.  Additionally, should you seek to avoid a trial, our Bucks County prostitution attorneys can also act as skilled negotiators when working with the prosecution to reach a favorable plea bargain.

In order to determine how we can help you specifically, it is necessary for our lawyers to learn about the details surrounding your charges.  Call our firm today to conduct your free legal consultation.

Pennsylvania Laws on Promoting Prostitution

According to Pennsylvania Code Title 18: 5902, a person is guilt of a crime if he or she promoted prostitution in any manner. Our Doylestown area defense lawyers are knowledgeable regarding Pennsylvania laws on prostitution and other public indecency laws. Promoting prostitution includes:

  • Controlling/owning a prostitution house or ring
  • Encouraging a person into prostitution
  • Getting a prostitute for someone else
  • Transporting a person with the intent to engage in or promote prostitution

Whether the crime is a misdemeanor or felony depends on the elements involved. If you feel that you have been wrongly accused or misunderstood, consider the advantage of having an experienced prostitution lawyer on your side.

How to Defend Against Prostitution Accusations

Since law enforcement officials will sometimes serve as decoy prostitutes or clients, entrapment and other key elements of your case need to be evaluated by a resourceful lawyer. Defending against prostitution accusations is not something you need to do alone. Our Bucks County prostitution lawyers are here to assist you. We can review the details of your case and discuss with you the best defense strategy against the prosecution. We will need to explore elemental components to the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Be prepared to provide a police report, a detailed account of what happened, and answers to the following questions:

  • Were you the victim of a law enforcement sting operation?
  • Did you verbally agree to payment for a sexual act?
  • Is this the first time you have been accused of a prostitution-related crime?
  • Did anyone cause or induce you to pay/receive payment for sex?
  • Are you owned, controlled, or managed by someone else?

Your answer to these questions, along with our thorough investigation routine, helps in determining the type of crime of which you are accused and the best possible outcome for your case. We strive to get charges dropped. If this is not an option, a dedicated defense attorney can aim for seriously reduced charges and penalties.

Speak With a Bucks County Prostitution Lawyer

If you have been accused of a prostitution-related crime in Pennsylvania, you have the right to a knowledgeable Bucks County prostitution lawyer. We champion the rights of the accused and aggressively seek to get accusations held against our clients dropped or reduced. Our Bucks County defense attorneys offer confidential consultations, so contact our team to receive legal advice regarding your case.