Common Criminal Charges in Bucks County

While all crimes exist and are charged in Bucks County certain crimes are more prevalent. Some of the most common criminal charges Bucks County criminal lawyer charged in Bucks County involve Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Theft related crime as well as fraud and other white collar crime. All of these crimes reflect the social make-up of the county and as a result are more commonly charged.

These cases are more common because of the way in which Bucks County is geographically situated.  Driving Under  the Influence is common because of how the county is spread out.  A person’s residence and place of business is often a few miles from town or business centers.  The use of automobiles is almost always necessary.  As for theft crimes, fraud and white collar crimes, these often fit the education level of the county.  As the level of education rises more complex crime is often prevalent.  Bucks County is well-educated as a whole and because it is geographically not connected to major centers like Philadelphia, often city level crime is not the most common.

How Can Innocent People To Get Charged With These Offenses?

In Bucks County it is not uncommon for innocent individuals to be implicated in acts that are simply not criminal. The more complex charges are, the more innocent individuals can often be seen as conspirators to a crime. The highest likelihood of improper arrests often occur in multi-faceted fraud and white-collar crimes. Educated individuals can often be seen as targets to law enforcement when it comes to any crime requiring high levels of education.

Cases involving alleged tax fraud, business fraud and even theft of services are often at the root of such criminal investigations.  It is often the innocent employee who is the most likely target as law enforcement find it very easy to communicate and seek information from individuals who feel they did nothing wrong.  That’s why it is always important to seek out the services of an experienced Bucks County Criminal Defense lawyer when questioned in any way by police.  Only then can your rights be protected and your innocence be shown from the outset of any criminal investigation.

Value of an Attorney

Having an experienced Bucks County Criminal Defense lawyer on your side from the very beginning is the only way to ensure that you and your statements to police are protected.  A lawyer can easily determine why an investigation is occurring and can advise an accused of exactly what to do.  Only then can an accused be  sure their constitutional rights are being exercised and protected.

Felonies and Misdemeanors in Bucks County

The differences between felonies and misdemeanors in Bucks County are similar to those crimes charged throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania defines felony crimes as any crime that exceeds a particular restitution limit (such as $3,000.00 for a theft) or carries a sentence minimum/maximum starting at 3 ½ to 7 years incarceration and a possible fine starting at $15,000.  Misdemeanors involve crimes that are treated in a lighter fashion however can also carry significant jail-time and fines.  Whether a crime is categorized as a felony or misdemeanor is defined by the Pennsylvania Crimes Code which treats all citizens of Pennsylvania in the same way.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Bucks County Criminal Cases

Some the biggest mistakes an individual should avoid when charged with a crime in Bucks County involve acquiring  proper representation and avoiding the urge to represent yourself and speak to police or investigators.

Individuals charged with a crime in Bucks County should never try to handle things themselves. Just because an accused is well-educated does not mean that the accused knows the law and the extent of an investigation. Too often an accused yet educated individual seeks out the advice of a Bucks County Criminal lawyer only after police have filed formal charges against them. By this point it is too late to assert an accused’s innocence and avoid being charged with a crime.

A person should seek out the advice and representation of an experienced Bucks County Criminal Defense lawyer anytime a person is confronted in any way by law enforcement. Should an individual give a statement to police it can easily be taken out of context and even used in the prosecution against the statement giver. A lawyer should be present from the outset and should work with you to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected and your innocence is shown.

Additionally, hiring an experienced Bucks County Criminal Defense lawyer is essential to mounting a proper defense. Too often an educated accused will reach out to a non-criminal lawyer, such as their family lawyer for advice. A lawyer who is not trained or qualified to handle Bucks County Criminal work can often result in an outcome that may be worse than an accused representing himself.

Once the authorities recognize that an individual has a lawyer, then many of an accused’s constitutional rights can be waived.  A family lawyer may not have the wherewithal to know how to best defend a Bucks County Criminal case.  My office has been representing individuals charged with crimes in Bucks County for over two decades.  That is what we do and that is who we are, call today.